Psychotherapist and Health Care Journalist

Don't Share Control with ED

The basic human needs for freedom, fun, security, love and belonging are in real trouble if someone turns to an eating disorder to meet them. 

No freedom to wear what you want if ED insists you wear sweatshirts in summer to hide your body.

No fun if you are mostly sad because ED says you are not pretty enough to go to the party.

No security  if your health is impaired by starvation or binge/purging.

No love and belonging  if your personality changes lead to isolation.

No power  if your disordered eating is in control.

Real control starts within you and stays within you. Instead, enjoy life by choosing:

Freedom to be comfortable - sweatshirts in summer are hot!

Having Fun everywhere you go - laugh out loud!

Feeling Secure that your body is healthy and well nourished!

Enjoying Love and belonging  because loving yourself allows others to love you!

Keeping your Power  all to yourself!